Verse for the week 28th April 2008

सो ऽन्वितो मन्त्रिपुत्रेन तेनापश्यत्सरोवरम् विचित्रकमलोत्पत्तिधामाम्बुधिमिवापरम्

तस्मिंस्तदैव सरसि स्नानार्थम् काचिदागता तेन दिवयकृतिः कन्या दृशते सपरिच्छदा

पूरयन्तीव लावण्यनिर्झरेण सरोवरम् दृष्तिपातैः सृजन्तीव् तत्रोत्पलवनम् नवम्

प्रत्यादिशन्तीव् मुखेनाम्बुजानि जितेन्दुना सा जहार मनस्तस्य राजपुत्रस्य तत्क्षणम्

(The prince), accompanied by that minister’s son, saw a lake of superlative quality, like a second sea, the birthplace of multicoloured lotuses

In this lake at that very moment was sighted by him a girl, of fame divine, accompanied by attendants

She seemed to be filling that lake of lakes with the flood of her beauty, creating as it were a new lotus cluster right there with the fall of her gaze

Obscuring, it appeared, the water-born lotuses with her face, by which the moon was already conquered.  She stole the prince’s heart that instant.

Verses 67 – 70

First story of the Vetalapanchavimshati

Kathasaritsagara – Somadeva


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