Giri Jharee


by Dr Varanasi Ramabrahmam


गिरिझरी मम कविताधारा

कदा न भवति शुष्का सा


हृदयगिरौ संजाता

प्रवहति धावति

लङ्घयति पतति

जलपातम् भवति


अटव्यां सौन्दर्यानां सौन्दर्यं भूत्वा

चलति स्पृशति सा मधुरसरिता


न जानाति पदगमननिर्देशनानि

न जानाति शब्दतत्त्वसूत्राणि

अलङ्कारानि आर्भाटनि न विचिन्त्य

संचरति पर्वतसानुषु गिरिकन्या इव


पाषाणेषु वेगेण चलन्ती

सृजति गायति श्राव्य गानानि रागानि


उदात्तानुदातौ प्लवन्ती

नर्तन्ती विनायासम् मयूरी इव


चित्रकाराणाम् तूलिकाङ्चलाः

चित्रितुं न शक्नुवन्ति तस्याः चलनानि गमनानि


छन्दोनुगुणेन प्रचलन्त्याः गुरुलघवः

रचयितुं न शक्नुवन्ति तस्याः लाघवानि


निर्मलमानसप्रवाहानि मम कविताः

दिव्यहृत्ध्यानगमनानि तस्याः चलनानि


नैजगुणम् अत्यक्त्वा

मौनेन संगमति किन्नेरसानि इव

साहितीगोदावरी सलिलेषु

मम कवितागिरिझरी



The flow of my poesy is a hill-stream

Never will she run dry.


Born in the hills of my heart

She rushes, flows

Jumps and plunges,

A waterfall she.


A beauty among itinerant beauties

Tangible as she moves,


She knows not how to order her steps as she travels

Knows not the intricacies of rules and rhymes. 

Without a care for embellishment, pomp and show,

She roams in the hills and valleys, a mountain girl.


Flowing swiftly over stones

She produces musical notes sonorous as if she were singing a raga,


Fluttering up and down, high and low,

Like an untrained dancing peacock.


The brushes of artists

Cannot depict her darting hither and thither;

Prosody has no relevance

For her marathon runs.


Her swift movements do not allow her to settle.

My verse is borne of a plain heart

Absorption in Divinity is the goal of her journey.

Silently she joins the waters of the literary Godavari

Without surrendering her own identity.

Kinnerasani! The hill-stream of my poetry.


Poem and translation by Dr Varanasi Ramabrahmam


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