Ko’ham – Dr Varanasi Ramabrahmam


Dr Varanasi Ramabrahmam


रागद्वेषौ सुखदुःखे

यत् करोतीति द्वन्द्वौ।

तत् मम मानसं प्राप्नुयात् यदा

शमः चेत् तदा कोऽहम्


नास्ति मे स्नेहः नास्ति मे मोहः

नाहं तप्तः विषयैः अहरहम्।

स्वप्नः वा सुषुप्तिः नास्ति कदा

नास्ति कालज्ञानमस्ति प्रज्ञानं सदा॥

दृष्टा मया जगती पञ्चभूतात्मिका।

अनुभवः तु जागृतः तया मिथ्यया॥


दृश्यते यत् किंचिदपि।

सुखपूर्णा मम स्थितिः॥

निर्मलकासारमिव अन्तरङ्गम्।

निश्चलमस्ति विना मानसम्॥


भयभ्रान्तः नास्मि भवबन्धानि सन्ति मे।

गततः क्लेशः भविष्यततः आन्दोलनं स्तौ॥

सागरे लीना नदी मम अहंकारम्।

प्रियपरिष्वङ्गस्थिता सखी मम् मानसम्॥

भावझरी गुणराहित्येन स्थगिता।

स्थिता तु आनन्दानुभवलहरी॥



दृष्टिः मम सर्वदा अहम् आत्मारामः


सततपरावाग्धारा मौनमस्मि।

प्रवहति मयि श्रुतिश्रुतवाक्सारम्॥

कालगतिः ज्ञायते मया।

शुद्धोहं स्फुरनपूरहृदयमहम्॥


मानसं मम कदा स्वस्थितिं।

प्राप्नुयत् तदा इदानीम्॥

ज्ञानशिखा वा प्रज्ञानखनिः।

शान्तस्वरूपः आनन्दलहरी॥


का मम स्थितिः॥




At the time that my mind,

Which is said to involve itself in the twin pursuits

Of friendship and enmity, pleasure and pain,

Becomes one with its source and is peaceful,

At that point who am I, what is ‘I’?


I have no sense of affection or of delusion,

I am neither tortured by the fire of cognitions

nor am I troubled by the senses.

And it is neither a dream state nor that of deep sleep

There is no sense of time and yet I am eternally conscious.

I see the world, constituted of the five elements,

But there is no feeling of experiencing or being awake to this falsehood.


Nothing at all is to be perceived

But my inner state is one of sated bliss

Within I am pool of surface clear

The mind is present but rendered motionless.


I am not scared or perplexed, I have no emotions to bind me

The care for past or future is absent.

My identity is as a river dissolved in the sea

My mind is a dissolved friend in dear embrace

The stream of thoughts cease to flow

by the bond-free from qualities.

A vista without desire and objects of desire

My faculty of awareness is ever present.

As the bliss of Aatma and the Brahma.


I am silence, abode of speech in para mode;

I am the essence of both secular and divine expressions.

I am not aware of the passage of time.

I am pure; I am a heart full of intuitions.


When does my mind obtain to a state of supreme peace?

It is that time right now.

A flame of knowledge or a mine of awareness

Calmness embodied or a stream of bliss,

Who am I?

My existence is what?

I am an eternal flow of tranquility.


Poem and translation by Dr Varanasi Ramabrahmam


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