Verse for the week 22nd September 08

ज्योतिर्लेखावलयि गलितं यस्य बर्हं भवानी

पुत्रप्रेम्णा कुवलयदलप्रापि कर्णे करोति।

धौतापाङ्गं हरशशिरुचा पावकेस्तं मयूरं


Out of love for her son,

Bhavani puts next to the lily in her ear

a brightly ringed tail feather

fallen from the fire-born god’s peacock,

whom, the corners of its eyes

bathed in light from Shiva’s moon,

you should now make dance

with thunder resounding in the mountain.

Kalidasa’s Meghadutam

Translation courtesy of the Clay Sanskrit Library’s Messenger Poems, translated by James Mallinson


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