6th February 2009 – Verse for the week

 आमत्तानां श्रवणसुभगैः कूजितैः कोकिलानां

सानुक्रोशं मनसिजरुजः सह्यतां पृच्छतेव।

अङ्गे चूतप्रसवसुरभिर्दक्षिणो मारुतो मे

सान्द्रस्पर्शः करतल इव व्यापृतो माधवेन

The south wind, as it drifts the sweet smell of mango trees over my limbs, feels as if it were the close touch of Spring stroking me with his palm – sympathetically asking, through the joyful coos of the impassioned cuckoos, whether I am surviving love’s agony.

– King Agnimitra

Third Act of Malavikagnimitra, by Kalidasa

1 Response to “6th February 2009 – Verse for the week”

  1. 1 Anonymous February 9, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    I just love this meter. What is it called again?

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