Verse for today 24th February 2009

अक्ष्णोर्निक्षिपदञ्जनं श्रवणयोस्


मूर्ध्नि श्यामसरोजदाम कुचयोः


धूर्तानाम् अभिसारसम्भ्रमजुषां

विष्वण्निकुण्जे सखि

ध्वान्तं नीलनिचोलचारु सुदृशां

प्रत्यङ्गम् अलिङ्गति

“Throughout the forest, like a black shawl,

The night camouflages the bodies

Of fair-eyed women, my friend,

As they trhill with the joy of clandestine love:

It is the dark mascara on their eyes,

The blackwood blossoms behind their ears,

The wreathes of dark lotuses adorning their hair,

And the dark designs of dusky musk on their breasts.”


Verse 10, Canto 11

Gitagovinda – Jayadeva

Translated by Lee Siegel (Clay Sanskrit Library 2009)


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