Kathasaritsagara – Ocean of the Rivers of Story

Ocean of the Rivers of Story, Volume 1 – Somadeva

Translated by Sir James Mallinson

The Clay Sanskrit Library

Reviewed by Puneet Mohan Sangal

This book is a tale of tales. One story embeds another, which in turn embeds another and so on…  In the beginning, it’s easy to get lost but the best way is to keep on reading the book and enjoying each tale. It will begin to make sense and you will slowly be able to connect the dots. What seems like a maze in the beginning becomes an enjoyable read, and you are soon glued to the book. The translations seem verbatim, but still relatively easy to understand. However, without a background on Hindu mythology and religion, it can seems daunting to relate to in the beginning. So it’s better to get familiar about Hindu culture a bit first. Overall, 3 stars out of 5.

Read more about the Ocean of the Rivers of Story on the Clay Sanskrit Library’s website, here:

http://www.claysanskritlibrary.org/volume-v-30.html.  The book is available from Amazon.


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