A Pair of Bees

When the Sanskrit Literature Forum began life about a year ago, Ganesha, or Ganapati, presided over the forum from his perch in the header at the top of this page to offer the new venture the conventional good luck he brings to all new beginnings.

A year in, the Sanskrit Literature Forum is about to host its first offline event (see the events page) and Ganesha has resigned his post for a pair of bees.  These two stationary bees have found their way here from the pages of Bhanudatta’s Rasatarangini, as representatives of just one of the hundreds of thousands of thought-arresting images Sanskrit poetry conjures up – but let Bhanudatta speak for himself:

गिरिर्वमति मौक्तिकावलिमलिद्वयं स्थावरं

शरत्तुहिनदीधितिर्व्यजनमारुतं वाञ्छति

धनुः स्वपिति मान्मथं शिथिलबन्धमन्धं तमो

नमो मनसिजाय ते किमपि कौतुकं तन्वते

A mountain that spits out pearls, a pair

of bees absolutely still,

an autumn moon that calls, yearning

for a breeze from a fan,

a bow of Love that lies asleep,

deep darkness that falls disheveled –

praise be to you, who are born in the mind,

and who so excite our fancy.


                                                                                             26th verse, Seventh Wave of Bhanudatta’s Rasatarangini

Translated by Sheldon Pollock, the Clay Sanskrit Library 


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