Verse for the week – 29th September

यत्रांशुकाक्षेपविलज्जितानां यदृच्छया किंपुरुषाङ्गनानाम्।

दरीगृहद्वारविलम्बिबिम्बास्तिरस्करिण्यो जलदा भवन्ति॥

Yatra ‘ṃśuka-ākṣepa-vilajjitānāṃ yad-ṛcchayā kiṃpuruṣa-añganānām |

Darī-gṛha-dvāra-vilambi-bimbās tiraskariṇyo jaladā bhavanti ||

There on the Himalaya mountain where clouds, by chance hanging in cotton wool balls across the entrances of the cave houses, serve as screens for kinnara women blushing furiously as their clothes are snatched away.

Verse 14, first sarga, Kumārasaṃbhavam – Kālidāsa


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