Verse for the week 29th December 2009

खेलत्खञ्जनलोचनाः खगनखक्षुण्णान्तरीपोरवः

स्रस्तैः शैवलकुन्तलैरविरतस्मेरारविन्दाननाः।


प्रीणन्त्यद्य शरत्प्रभातमिलिता नीचस्वनैरापगाः॥

Khelat-khanjana-locanāḥ khaga-nakha-kṣuṇṇa-antarīpa-uravaḥ

srastaiḥ śaivala-kuntalair avirata-smera-aravinda-ānanāḥ |

varśa-rātri-ghana-upabhoga-kathayā iva ālir-marāl-āṅganāḥ

prīṇanti adya śarat-prabhāta-militā nīca-svanaīḥ apagāḥ ||

In this season playful khanjana birds form rivers’ eyes, islets scored by birds are their nail-scratched thighs and the ever-smiling aravinda lotus is their face, framed by strewn śaivala moss for disshevelled hair.  And with the arrival of the morning of autumn, these rivers are as it were entertaining their girlfriends the ducks with whispered tales of their intense pleasure during the night that was the monsoon.

Kasyacit (Anonymous)



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