Verse for the week 17th May 2008

नवजलधरः संनद्धो ऽयम् न दृप्तनिशाचरः

सुरधनुरिदं दूराकृष्टं न नाम शरासनम्

अयमपि पटुर्धारसारो न बाणपरंपरा

कनकनिकपस्निग्धा विद्युत्प्रिया न ममोर्वशी

This is a new cloud, not a proud night-wandering fiend in arms  

This is a divine arc (rainbow), certainly not the tightly-stretched bow of an archer

Even this is a piercing and violent rain shower, not a volley of arrows

This that glistens like a streak of gold – this is lightning not my beloved Urvashi.

The king, Pururavas, searches for Urvashi after her sudden disappearance

Act IV

Vikramorvashiyam – Kalidasa



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